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The Gift of Sharing What You've Learned

When My Bridge 4 Life's founder, Roger, began his patient journey over seven years ago, there was one thing he wanted to know after he heard the words, "You have cancer." What have people just like me done? What steps did they take? What did they learn?

Advanced Cancer - Palliative Care & Hospice Care

Advanced cancer is cancer that cannot be cured. It may be referred to as end-stage or terminal cancer. However, incurable does not mean untreatable. People with advanced cancer continue to have options for treatment and can maintain a good quality of life.

End of Life Planning

There is a profound need to address planning for end of life. It's a hard conversation and one that is often put off or avoided. For many families, not addressing end-of-life decisions, until a crisis, creates unnecessary stress and compromised decision making.

Problems with DCIS Diagnosis

The good news today is that early detection of cancer is saving more and more lives. The majority of cancers found in the earliest stages can be treated and patients never face a recurrence. Unfortunately, early detection is also causing problems.

Managing Hepatitis C as a Chronic Condition

By Ken Flora, M.D, gastroenterologist/hepatologist with The Oregon Clinic and consulting physician to Providence Liver Cancer Clinic
I’ve just been diagnosed with hepatitis C. What’s the prognosis for this?

Diabetes at Higher Cancer Rick

By Leslie Wade
CNN Medical Producer

Type 2 diabetes may increase the risk of developing cancer, according to a joint statement released by the American Diabetes Association and the American Cancer Society.

My Bridge 4 Life (testimonials)

"I sent your link to a friend of mine in Boston. She is a breast cancer survivor, so I am sure that she will join and pass the word on to her circle of friends and fellow patients. Once again what a wonderful thing that you have started, it is true that one person can CHANGE the world!

My Bridge 4 Life (overview)

My Bridge 4 Life™ was developed by its founder Roger Holzberg, current creative director for the National Cancer Institute and former Disney Imagineer. Having created the survivorship program on which My Bridge 4 Life™ is based, he is now over 5 years cancer-free.