My Bridge 4 Life (team)

Roger Holzberg - Founder

Roger became a thyroid cancer survivor almost 5 years ago, but he began learning about health challenges long before then. He became familiar with care-giving at an early age, losing grandparents, a best friend, and his mother along the way and watching his father become a cancer survivor. He knew it was likely he too would someday face a life-threatening challenge. Friends and family wondered at his substance free, party lean, active and health-focused lifestyle, as did he, until he was diagnosed on the eve of his 50th birthday. "At that moment I knew why I had lived the lifestyle I had, because that lifestyle not only gave me the mental and physical conditioning needed to face my heath challenge, but knowing my body in health as well as I did gave me the means to know when something subtle was wrong. And early detection is a huge benefit." A year after radiation as a competitive triathlete raising money for those less fortunate, he learned that the only way to complete a race that is too big to imagine is to break it down into imaginable pieces, set small goals along the way with the help of your Team's experience and guidance, and take the first step. This family history and approach to challenges became the foundation of My Bridge 4 Life™. Professionally, Roger creates world-class experiences that utilize new technology channels for the delivery of emotionally compelling experiences. Recent clients include: The National Cancer Institute (where he is the creative director), Aquarium of the Pacific, Lucas Arts, Keas, Live strong, Methuselah Foundation, and Tula Health. He previously spent 12 years as a Creative Director / Vice President at the Walt Disney Company, first at Disney Interactive and then at Imagineering. Before Disney, Roger helped build Knowledge Adventure, creator of the Jumpstart brand, and was a creative leader in interactive projects like Steven Spielberg's Director's Chair and Starbrite Worlds Online. In classic media he has written and directed feature films and television, but is genuinely proud of researching/writing "The Living Sea" (Academy Award nomination for best documentary-Imax).

Alli Mills - Creative Director / Graphic Designer

Alli learned at an early age that all of us will deal with a health challenge at some point in our lives. While growing up, several close family members, as well as some good friends, have either been faced with a diabetes or cancer diagnosis. Seeing how they rose to the challenge has inspired her to be part of My Bridge 4 Life™. Alli graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree. During her professional career, she has helped brands such as Disney, Yahoo!, and Lexus to envision and design relevant Web-user experiences. She is currently the Art Director for Karma Media Labs and is consulting with the National Cancer Institute. She brings over 12 years of experience in design to My Bridge 4 Life.

Jocelyn Harrison - Community & Business Development

Growing up in a large family has given Jocelyn a keen awareness of the value of community and family support. Her personal experience with taking big challenges and dividing them into manageable phases involves a lifetime of setting goals and achieving them in both work and play. She graduated from Kennesaw University, Summa Cum Laude with a BBA in Marketing, increased her company’s revenues by 800%, and has trained for and run numerous road races, the Boston Marathon, and triathlons. You’ll find Jocelyn on My Bridge 4 Life™ where she and her family have gathered to manage the devastating affects of Alzheimer's and cancer on her mother.
Kyle Buckley - Manager & Copy Writer

Kyle graduated from Pomona College with a degree in English and Creative Writing, and was recipient of the Dole, Kinney Prize in Creative Writing. In addition to working as content manager on My Bridge 4 Life, she contributes her skills as a writer and copy editor to Methuselah Foundation and WalkStyles, Inc. Kyle is also fiction editor of Burnside Review, a Portland-based literary journal. Several years ago, Kyle was witness to her grandparents' battles with cancer. Even more recently, she watched her father fight his. She brings her personal understanding of these challenging journeys to her work on My Bridge 4 Life. She is very proud to be part of a project so dedicated to promoting the hope and healing that come with growing our communities and sharing our life stories.

Jay Stakelon - Media Designer & Flash Developer

Jay Stakelon met Founder Roger Holzberg while working at the Walt Disney Company, where he designed and developed innovative rich media solutions for Disney's worldwide theme parks and cruise line sites. Jay graduated with honors from Vassar College and is a co-founder of Union Studio, an interactive design & web development firm focused on conceptualizing and implementing inventive, fun and functional online creative for clients like Fox Interactive Media, Live Nation, NBC/Universal and The Walt Disney Company. Jay has also recently led the design and branding effort for Methuselah Foundation. His personal passion for My Bridge 4 Life comes from his friendships with people who have faced life-threatening challenges and have not had the community support they needed along the way. He hopes to use his skills and experience to help people find ways to live longer, healthier lives.

Reason - Technologist

Reason is a respected blogger and resource for the life extension movement, and works as a technologist in a variety of industries. He saw the need for (and created) the Longevity Meme after spending a number of years searching for the most useful contribution he could make to the future of healthy life extension. You can find Longevity Meme at: and Fight Aging! at