My Bridge 4 Life (testimonials)

"I sent your link to a friend of mine in Boston. She is a breast cancer survivor, so I am sure that she will join and pass the word on to her circle of friends and fellow patients. Once again what a wonderful thing that you have started, it is true that one person can CHANGE the world!
Rene'e Beaudrie , Mother and Bridge Builder

"Cancer...yikes! What did I get from My Bridge 4 Life? I got an instant sense that I was not alone, and that there were people out there who had been through it, with tips to offer to get me through it, too. And I did!"
Lisa Day , Manager of Internet Strategy / Disney

"I've been juggling hormone replacements since becoming a cancer survivor in 2003. My Bridge 4 Life, even today, helps me to figure out focused questions to ask my doctor and different ways to think about 'tuning' my medications for my optimum health."
Eileen Grubba , actress

"I have been Roger Holzberg's Primary Care Physician for over a decade, both before and after his cancer diagnosis. I have seen the results of his Bridge Plan over the last four years, first in how it helped him rally his community from diagnosis through surgery and radiation, then in how it helped guide him in building his wellness program (including his diet and fitness routine). My Bridge 4 Life has definitely helped Roger with his path to wellness."
Dr. Mark Gerard , MD

"Learning about My Bridge 4 Life was truly an 'aha' moment. Having an internet site that allows access to information, creation of one's own support team from all different areas of the globe, and building a wellness plan during a major health crisis is a brilliant concept. Roger Holzberg has developed this idea through his own experience with cancer, and the Methuselah Foundation is helping to share and expand his vision with everyone facing life-threatening challenges."
Kate Esposito , New Jersey

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note in praise of My Bridge 4 Life. After a recent health scare, I wasn't sure where to turn for next steps to health and peace of mind. My Bridge 4 Life helped me so much! I set Bridge goals and plans, started a fitness program and changed my diet. Not only do I feel healthier, stronger and more energized, my friends and family are blown away by the way I look and the confidence I've gained!"
Rhonda Gilligan , Creative Director /

"When I was diagnosed with cancer last year My Bridge 4 Life was really beneficial in helping me think through the right questions to ask and the best conversations to have with my doctors, and it therefore helped me get through it with less fear and get back to work more quickly."
Amy Brady , School Teacher