My Bridge 4 Life (overview)

My Bridge 4 Life™ was developed by its founder Roger Holzberg, current creative director for the National Cancer Institute and former Disney Imagineer. Having created the survivorship program on which My Bridge 4 Life™ is based, he is now over 5 years cancer-free. During the last year, in closed testing with medical concierge and cancer support groups, the My Bridge 4 Life™ team has mentored a broad cross section of patients and supporters through a wide variety of health crises. On his experience of being diagnosed with cancer, Roger says: "There is no way to describe the feeling of sitting across the desk from a physician who says the words 'you have cancer.' Though I valued the advice of my medical professionals, what I really wanted to hear was what had ALREADY worked for people just like me. My Bridge 4 Life™ will help you overcome the overwhelming nature of a life threatening diagnosis of any kind by dividing it into phases. It will show you how to gather and leverage the strength of your community (including your medical professionals), set goals for each phase, and build a wellness plan for life in the process. No one should have to face a major health crisis alone."

Some Media on My Bridge 4 Life includes:

This KTLA interview with Founder Roger Holzberg gives a brief overview of Tips 4 Life, and features other work being done by Methuselah Foundation, financial supporter of My Bridge 4 Life.

Fight Aging! discusses the intent of My Bridge 4 Life™ and the role it plays as a short term strategy for long-term health.…

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