Winter of 2009 / 2010

In the winter of 2009 I began spinning. What a wonderful find! I was committed to getting my weight down and fighting diabetes with exercise and medicine.

December 2009 my Dr. said my diabetes was worsening. Since I would not take Actos he said most likely my next course was insulin injections. Going away from his office I decided my mindset was treating symptoms of the disease rather than solving it. Therefore I did a lot of research and was led to a a plan by Dr. Julian Whitacre, by a good friend.

I presented this plan to my Dr. in January of 2010. I told him I was going to discontinue my diabetes medication and drop one of my high blood pressure pills and discontinue my cholesterol pill. He didn't like it the idea but agreed to monitor me in the process.

The plan involved diet, exercise and supplementation.

Diet - a complete change moving to a whole foods, more natural diet with limited meats. Carbs coming only from vegetables and whole grains. Only water or unsweetened brewed tea - no fast food!!!!

Exercise - spinning and biking, as much as I could do.

Supplementation - a packaged program from Dr. Whitacre that replaced the minerals and vitamins that diabetes, and that of the drugs I had been taking, that were drained out of my body. This included a natural glucose manager and alpha lipoic acid capsules.