Update on treatment

Visited Dr. Funk, the oncological breast surgeon today, to get the pathology report after the double lumpectomy that she did on Tuesday. Since there is abnormal & carcinogenic tissue beneath both breasts, the nipple areola complexes have to go. I cried. It's so strange to have pieces of your body that you are so familiar with cut off, emptied out. And it is for a good cause. And one redeeming aspect is that the incision will now be smaller, so less scarring.

Am upset over the plastic surgeon leaving town the day after surgery, though, and it still is not resolved. I had pushed back the surgery one month to accommodate her vacation, and now, after setting up a date of July 22nd, when both surgeons would be present, I got a call from her assistant saying she will be going out of town the day after surgery, a Friday, and returning on Sunday. The assistant was defensive when I asked to speak with the plastic surgeon.

I spoke about it with the breast surgeon today and told her I was unhappy with the situation and wanted to be sure that a plastic surgeon would be covering for her while she was away. She said I had every right to want that. The plastic surgeon left me a message this afternoon saying that everyone was fine with the situation, and that the breast surgeon would cover for her while she was away. I don't want an oncological surgeon to cover plastic surgery. What about me? I'm not happy with the situation. So I left her a message to call me first thing next week. Excuse the venting, but this is my reality, or part of it, right now.