Troops Rally 4

FROM GREG 08-12-09
I was with Mama and Jeanette today for Mama’s PT and lunch. She did not like the PT, but did perform well in my estimation as well as Jeanette’s. Mama however said she was not pleased, and would not go back. She said she was going home instead. Afterward, however, she said she was not sore. She ate only a small part of her meal: a few small bites of mashed potato and 1 chicken nugget. She declined the watermelon and drank one glass of tea. I think she is tired of suggestions (lectures) from us that she needs to eat, exercise, etc. before she goes home. She said she would just go home and die.

We were able to see the “Dr’s orders”, but could not get a copy. I called Dr. Haraszti, the surgeon, to clarify. The Zoloft was not listed on the orders, and that omission could be a reason for Mama’s attitude. The home said they should have the Zoloft for Mama by this afternoon. I believe that they had contacted some doctor, perhaps not Dr. Haraszti. I just talked to Dr. Haraszti. He said that the Zoloft was discontinued while Mama was in the hospital due to low sodium, and was not listed for dispensation to her at the home for that reason. He also said that he told one of the family members, he thinks a young male, about that while Mama was in the hospital. He said we should consult with Dr. Robinson about the issue of the low sodium and the Zoloft. He also said that it is his practice to leave the details of the therapy to the therapy department at the facility, and so would write “evaluate and treat” on the order rather than to be very specific.

I’ve spoken to Tenisha, Dr. Robinson’s nurse, who will convey this information to Dr Robinson, who is out today but will be in tomorrow. I’ve arranged for Mama’s labs to be faxed from the hospital to Dr Robinson so he can be in the loop on this.

Dr. Haraszti would like to see her in 10 days, but said she should see her primary care physician as well. I have made an appointment for her on August 18th, 10:00 AM. I will be available to take her.

Mama has not seen an occupational therapist or speech therapist yet. I don’t know what the status of that is. I believe that this has been requested. By whom and when, I don’t know.