Today's Update: A Note from Denice

This just came in today from Denice. Mom fell down the stairs a few nights ago. Luckily she didn't break her hip, but she has several breaks in her femur.

Today went real well!
Mama Jo wouldn't eat which is okay. The doctor said that patients usually don't eat and will sleep for two days after surgery. She did however say that we do need to get her to nibble frequently and drink water and juice as often as we can ! Once she goes to rehab and moves and works, she'll get her appetite back.
Around 12:00 or so, she got very sad and demanding to go home. I talked with her about rehab and the need for it to avoid further injuries. Wayne & Perry visited for a while and did the same as well as Jeanette. Once the room was empty, I sat close to Mama Jo, cut up with her to get her to smile again, she then came to the conclusion that she must do what ever needs to be done to get her home faster. Her demeanor improved, we cut up and enjoyed the rest of the time she was a wake.

At 3:40 Dr. Davis, the medical doctor came to visit, she was just amazed on how well she is doing! Would had given her a big gold star if she had one. By this time Mama Jo had finally taken a nap and was a sleep the entire time the doc was there. Dr. Davis did bring up the issue of Mama Jo being anemic at this time which is typical for older patients who have broken a large bone and had surgery. Tomorrow labs will be drawn again. Dr. Davis said there is a possibility Mama Jo will need a transfusion. When I told this to Mike, he was surprised like it had not been mentioned.

Dr. Hicks, P.T. came and worked with Mama Jo. She showed her all the exercises she needs to do, to strengthen her muscles,to use a walker and how to appropriately get out of the bed. All this information is written down, in her room. Dr. Hicks attempts getting Mama Jo to use a walker was unsuccessful. Mama Jo was very confused with all the motions to use it correctly keeping her weight off the left leg. Dr. Hicks decided it was not the time to push it. P.T. is to visit her at least two times a day while in the hospital. I guess they will attempt using the walker again tomorrow. Mama Jo did successfully do all the other exercises with out too much pain, what a trooper she was!!!

If I left anything out or you have any questions about today's progress, feel free to call me.
M. Denice Harrison