Tired of Hope

Hope is a wonderful human emotion. It enables us to endure the day to day slings and arrows of outrageous fortune in the anticipation that things will get better...and often, they do. Yet, when you hear the statement - "the check is in the mail", you know you are not likely to see any money for a long time - if ever. No point in hoping. Time to act.

Health care and cures are like that. I have been hearing for my entire adult life that Cancer, Alzheimers, Heart Disease and all the other usual suspects are just "a few years away from being conquered".

I'm TIRED OF WAITING - I'm tired of HOPING. NO MORE! The reason Methuselah Foundation helped bring My Bridge 4 Life into being is to take positive action - to ACT - not hope about what may come some many years down the road. My Bridge 4 Life is not about beakers, molecules, genetics or surgery - it is about the formation of a community that works together to bring about solid and measurable health results - results that bring about life saving and actionable insights from community members who are "going through it" or who "survived it".

It is about helping people find and share high quality, current, directly relevant experiences, information and resources from those in the community who have or have had their very lives at stake.

Whether it be those with the life threatening disease, or the families and friends of that one who really must do something to help - My Bridge 4 Life is the wellness network that we expect will offer members the tools to take positive action to do everything possible to restore and extend their healthy lives.