Thyroid Cancer Rescans and Thyrogen

Re-scans happen at the end of the first year and my Endo reccomended Thyrogen, which forces a hypothyroid state without you having to go off of your synthroid to get there. I dropped weight suddenly (over 10 pounds in 2 weeks) and my balance and equilibrium went wacky. Within a few weeks I had ringing in my ears and saw my ENT doctor, who diagnosed me with Tinnitus. Of course no one will take responsibility for the onset being caused by the Thyrogen. I researched the causes of Tinnitus after having been administered the Thyrogen and found that Tinnitus can be caused by sudden weight loss and sudden hypothyroidism!
Hello?! I will have this for the rest of my life … not cool.
Be sure to research the use of Thyrogen well before assuming it will work and there will be no long term side effects.