Synthroid, Bone Mass Loss, Testosterone

I have also been diagnosed with a loss of bone mass, also a possible side effect of the
Synthroid, and my Endo and GP have prescribed Androgel (Testosterone). They have explained that testosterone does not cause but can accelerate Prostate Cancer if it is already there. We agreed to watch my PSA (prostate cancer indicator) levels very carefully. Boy, testosterone does make you feel really good for a while, both athletically and from other “performance” points of view.

Year 3 – In a blood test my PSA levels shot to over 11.5 — my normal is near 4, sometimes up to 6, but OMG! Online research tells you that a double in levels is a VERY high indicator of aggressive prostate cancer. My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer at a lower level. In my head I had it, but I would beat it! Then I realized that I didn’t have to have it … I went off testosterone for a month, had new blood work, levels only dropped to 6.7 (men my age should be under 3). Then a biopsy was done and all eight samples turned up negative – sweet! I went back on the testosterone and felt great.

Year 4 – Dr. David Agus is an expert in the field of Prostate Cancer. I had the opportunity to meet him and I described the events above to him and he said, “Get off the testosterone now.” “Why?” “You will extend your life by 20 years, is that enough of a reason?” His reasoning is that, if any man lives long enough, the odds are that he will get prostate cancer. If you are on testosterone, it will rapidly accelerate the cancer.

I don’t feel as well, and I’m not as fast in races, but I am OFF testosterone. Lesson – NEVER STOP SEARCHING FOR NEW INFORMATION TO BETTER YOUR HEALTH!