Snow and Spin Class

Starting next week I'll be traveling for about 14 days -- that means no spin classes. So really committed right now to take advantage of everyone.

Snowing this morning. Expecting a couple inches. So out the door at 5:20am in the snow heading for the class. Arrive and finally hear that our county schools are closed. The schools close spin class is canceled. So decided to hang around just in case an instructor happens to show up. Two other riders show up, and so we all hang out waiting. One of the riders showing was a first time rider - kudos to her!

Anyway @ 6:10 (class starts at 6:00) no instructor. Thus off I go about my regular day.

I made the effort but all the other elements didn't work today so that I could fulfill the goal that my efforts were towards. Sometimes this is how the health plan goes - a minor set back. I can let this overwhelm or cause me to quit, or I can use the down time as recovery time to get ready for the next spin class, and in the next class power it up majorly. That's just what I'll do - probably do some kettlebelling at home and then come Friday morning, head out at 5:20am to the next scheduled class.

Sometimes it's hard to learn to relax. I know that relaxation is much a part of an exercise and health plan as the exercise and other healthy activities. Relaxing is something I must mentally discipline myself to do. Relaxing helps me be stronger when I am in the mode of spinning, and during warmer days, riding the roads on my bike. Yup - relaxing is as much a discipline as getting up at 5am, and heading out at 5:20am to a spin class - even on snowy days!

I urge y'all to make relaxing a part of your routine. Work hard, exercise hard - and then relax some once in a while to allow your muscles, body, and mind to recover so you'll be stronger the next time around!