Smokefree Women Launches New Campaign!

Smokefree Women is excited to join MyBridge4Life & we have an exciting announcement for YOU!

The Smokefree Women team is launching “Celebrating Smokefree Voices,” a YouTube video contest, to capture the quitting experiences and reasons for quitting smoking among women and friends/families across the U.S. The contest launches on Monday, May 10th -- the one-year anniversary of (see below for more details) was developed by the National Cancer Institute to help women stop smoking. Smokefree Women (SFW) is committed to supporting women through their journey to become and stay smokefree. We know quitting is not easy but we are here for the long-haul to provide tips, resources, information and support. Visit

Tell us why being smokefree is important to you!

There are two categories for video submissions:
1. Why I Am a Smokefree Woman: Create a video that tells others why you stay smokefree. What are your reasons and motivations? What does it mean to you to be a smokefree woman?

2. Why I Want YOU to be Smokefree: Is there a woman in your life that you care about who smokes? Create a video and let them know why you want them to enjoy a smokefree life and the freedom from cigarettes.

And, what’s a contest without prizes? There will be three winners in each category with prizes up to $2,000.

All video entries must be submitted by June 4, 2010 along with the required video entry form. Contest winners will be announced on July 2, 2010, right before Independence Day, to celebrate freedom (or “independence”) from smoking.

Click here to watch our announcement video:
For rules, eligibility, and how to enter please visit:

Thanks for your support....we look forward to watching your videos! GOOD LUCK! :)

Still have questions? Please contact us at or @SmokefreeWomen on Twitter!