Singularity 2045 website launched, to increase awareness

The Technological Singularity will make the world a better, healthier, happier, and more enlightened place. I don't think I would be able to cope with the horror of life if the hope promised by the Singularity was non-existent.

Regarding the current lack of technological perfection in the year 2010, I wanted to address some of the problems within the world, which impact with a heavy burden upon myself, therefore I recently created a group on Facebook and yesterday I launched the website:

Many problems in our world cause severe pain, misery, and poor health for many people; all such problems will be eliminated via science and technology. The best thing for me about the Singularity is the intelligence explosion aspect. I am extremely intelligent thus I have been intellectually starved throughout my life. Regarding the majority of people: I deem civilization to be extremely benighted. I've never been able to find adequate mental stimulation. This lack of stimulation has caused me to become mentally fragile, highly disturbed. Mass stupidity is the bane of my life because for me it causes severe despair, anxiety, and depression. My high intelligence creates difficulties for me integrating with social systems and protocols. Social systems are based upon a predominantly stupid social-structure. Excessive rules and bureaucratic regulations are necessary when the majority of people don't possess adequate intellect to guide and manage their own actions. Guidance by paternal Governments (the shepherding of childlike populations) is a source of immense wasted energy and time. Despite this waste, we are progressing slowly and the slowness will soon disappear completely. Times are quickening therefore I have some hope because I realize my situation could be far more depressing. I detest slowness but thankfully I live in a relatively benign country where famine doesn't exist. My depression means that I often fail to see the good aspects in life. I must constantly remind myself we exist during a tremendously special point in history. We are living in pre-Singularity times upon the edge of perfection.

Via constantly reminding myself about the Singularity I can manage to survive each day. I sincerely look forward to the Singularity because for me it is truly a lifeboat amidst a sea of ineffable mindlessness. I don't want to drown. Technological perfection is thankfully coming.

The intellectual potential of the human race has been wasted because millions of people have never fully unleashed their intellectual powers.

The last words of "K", in the novel "The Trial" by Kafka, are: "Like a dog!" Thankfully the Singularity will create a superfluity of super-luminary-AI-supercomputers and nanobots, which will liberate us from the benighted tyranny of stupidity. People will no longer be dumb pets, dumb animals, grazing in bovine stupor. The intelligence of everyone will be enhanced. We shall be transcendent! Resplendent! Basking in the glory of super high-tech scientific wisdom.