A simple visual tool help stop overeating

A Deceptively Simple Plate Designed To Stop Your Overeating
A simple graphic gives dieters a reality check every time they dine.

Counting calories can involve a tedious process of weighing food, doing conversions, and logging every meal, or buying an expensive gadget like this device that shoots a laser at your lunch. But then there's this low-tech alternative: A plate that shows, in a simple graphic, how to eat a balanced meal.

"I saw a need for people to eat healthier, and through design research found that one of the main problems people struggle with is portion control," says Dutch designer Annet Bruil. "People find it difficult to estimate how many vegetables they should eat. And even if they know it should be 200 grams a day, what does that look like on a plate?"

And just in case you needed a visual aid to help stop overeating.