Serious note

A very disturbing bit of news came to me this week. One of my two friends that has had a prostatectomy within the past month is clearly not out of the woods. A little background, he is 48 years old and is otherwise in great health. His final post op pathology report came back this Monday.Even though his prostate was only 5% cancerous, his Gleason score was 4+3 and his margins were positive. I believe this shows just how great a risk men put themselves when the choose "watchful waiting". This man did not, within 3 months of his biopsy he had surgery. Next steps for him are a very close eye on his PSA and possibly radiation if it begins to rise. I would encourage every man that is diagnosed with this dreaded disease to seek treatment if they are able. Remember there are still 30,000 of us die each year from prostate cancer. On a brighter note, it is cold here in Dixie as Christmas rolls around next week. I want to wish all of you a very safe and blessed holiday. Take a few minutes to reflect and pray and give thanks.
God Bless and Merry Christmas.