Scary times

Mom's mental condition has changed. We don't know why. She's been taken off Aricept and Namanda because her dementia is not Alzheimer's. Her radiation has begun. What's causing all the changes? She can't swallow now and her depth perception is so off she can't put food in her mouth. I think she may have had a stroke.
This is an email form Eric: Are we going to attempt to continue being Mamas care givers/ babysitters and trying to have someone there 24/7 ? I did not see much from anyone about the chances of Mama having a stroke. I think this is a great possibility . The doctors at the treatment center will not be the ones to consult on this issue. I will be at Mamas tomorrow night but am in no way prepared, or qualified to handle someone in her condition if its the same as it was, or worse. We must make arrangements for this. Either 24 hr. in home care or a home. Rhondas Dads doctor told us that you know its time ( for hospice ) when the care that you ( as a family ) are giving is not enough and things are getting worse . Here we are. Eric