Saying No to Dairy

At the urging of my wife, a Nutritionist, I said goodbye to dairy about 3 weeks ago. You must understand that I am someone who loves cheese of all kinds. My dream had been to try a different international cheese every weekend for a year. But, with her urging, and after I read an article by famous mountain biker Gary Fisher where he said "dairy kills the gut" - I decided to give it a whirl.

In addition, and in doing so, I moved even more towards "plant strong". I now consume very little meat. For example - last night for dinner I ate 1/2 of a baked chicken breast (compared to two years ago when I would 3 breaded-fried chicken breasts in the same kind of meal). And, with last nights meal, a major salad with all kinds of vegetable goodies, and a massive helping of French green beans, and sliced apples with crushed walnuts.

The change in these 3 weeks has been amazing. I feel greater, because I already felt great, with the dietary changes I've been making over the last couple of years. My weight is dropping even more. I can feel thinning in my face, shoulders. arms, back and legs. And my stomach has shrunk mostly from no bloating.

Amazing and loving it. Excited about the next phase of things this year will hold and the course and goals ahead of me.

I have a goal of dropping 10 to 20 pounds before "outdoor bike season" begins in March. This additional dietary move along with my ongoing spinning three days a week through the winter should combine to get me very close to my goal by March!