Regenerative Medicine & What It Really Means

The field of regenerative medicine promises that damaged tissues and organs can be regenerated by stimulating previously irreparable organs to heal themselves. Empowered scientists can grow tissues and organs in the laboratory and when the time is right, safely implant them. The worldwide shortage of organs available for donation and transplantation can also be addressed-- it has the amazing potential to eradicate the need for organ donations completely.

This site: ( will help educate yourself on the breakthrough advances of regenerative medicine in areas such as cancer, diabetes, liver, lung, and the nervous system.

Created on April 2010, Methuselah Foundation's New Organ Prize aims at accelerating the progress towards successfully constructing a whole new organ, whether it be a heart, kidney, lung, pancreas, or liver, from a patient's own cells. Furthermore, it has to be safely transplanted and fully functional for 2 years. The bigger the prize pot, the larger the incentive to succeed! Every single dollar counts and we're asking your help to make this fantasy (of doing away with organ transplant waiting lists altogether) a glad reality.