Rapamycin As A Life Extending Drug

It was first in the MF August newsletter http://methuselahfoundation.org/new_newsletter/AugNL_News.html
that I heard about Rapamycin also known as Sirolimus. Rapamycin is a immunosuppressant drug used to prevent rejection of transplant organs in the same way as Ciclosporin which I and most of the heart transplantation patients use. Personally I hadn't take note of Rapamycin before reading about it in the newsletter. Now it's shown to extend life in mouse. It was discovered in Easter Island soil samples about 40 years ago. Ciclosporin was discovered on 31 January 1972 at Hardangervidden in Norway. It was discovered by employees of Sandoz (now Novartis) in Basel, Switzerland, in a screening test on immune-suppression designed and implemented by Dr. Hartmann F. Stähelin, M.D.
Personally I'm curious if Ciclosporin also have some comparable life extending properties in mus musculus (mice).