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Power Peace Purpose

Through an evidence-based innovative program that merges modern integrative medicine with traditional martial arts, Kids Kicking Cancer’s Heroes Circle program addresses the overwhelming needs of children with illness. Specially trained black belt martial artists teach breathing, visualization, and relaxation techniques, in addition to traditional martial arts moves, to help empower the children and provide them with a sense of power, peace, and purpose.

The Heroes Circle program is open to all children facing the pain and discomfort of any illness. We offer one-on-one training and group classes for both pediatric inpatients and outpatients in over fifty hospitals and institutions around the globe. In areas where we do not yet have programs, video conferencing lessons are available. If you know of a child, teen, or young adult dealing with illness or in pain, please contact us.

All services provided by Kids Kicking Cancer are at no cost to the children and their families. Children 3 years & older, and their siblings, are eligible for the program.