Ouch!! That hurts alot!!

Blog Number 1


Hello all,

As I'm playing catch up with Bridge 4 Life, don't be surprised at the quantity of things I have to write about or the diversity of my subject matter.
I was working in South Pasadena doing what I have doing here in Southern California now for over 21 years, remodeling a single family home. It was September 19, 2000 and at about 11:30 AM as I was installing a door, from behind me one of my carpenters yelled at me to look out. I turned and was hit by a falling stack of drywall. The pile was 12 feet long X 4 feet X 1 foot high and weighed 1600 lbs.. The stack buried me but not before I watched my right leg snap at the knee and bend 90 degrees to the right. What a horrible feeling to see such an unnatural thing happen to a part of your body.
Moving ahead… I was in the hospital for 12 days and 2 surgeries. It was during this period that I was having trouble urinating into one of the hospital urinal bottles and asked my doctor if perhaps the morphine was keeping me from going and his immediate response was no it wasn’t possible and for me to call my urologist to get my urinary system checked out. I immediately called my urologist and made an appointment for the day following my discharge from the hospital for my leg which by the way was a shattered tibial plateau. The orthopedic surgeon rebuilt my tibia with titanium plates, screws, pieces of bone from both a cadaver and a pig. He then told me even with extreme physical therapy I would never walk on my right leg again and to just get used to it. This has started for me a response from me to doctors that I will do whatever the doctors say is impossible to do again.
The Urologist appointment was another wake up call. They did an in office ultrasound and told me that at the size this mass in my bladder was it would positively have to be cancer and it would most positively be malignant.

They were right, it was malignant