New Plastic

Saw my breast surgeon Thursday and she took the tape off my incisions. Healing well, just in time for the "big" operation July 22. The anesthesia this time, my first under general, has thrown me for a loop. Getting better little by little. Discussed my concerns re the plastic surgeon with my breast surgeon. She said if I wasn't feeling 100% that it is best to change doctors. Incredibly, another one she had recommended was available, so we were able to keep the July 22nd surgery date at St. Johns.
The new surgeon was able to see me Friday morning. He outlined the surgery step by step, at least the first phase. He does it the way I wanted it done, according to all of my research. The three other doctors I had interviewed didn't do it this way, so I guess it is perfect that I connected with him, finally, in time. Never thought I'd ever find myself writing about "my plastic surgeon." Oh well, the long and winding road has some interesting twists and turns.

So now I am looking to fully book my care for the first two weeks, and then hopefully pencil in the third week. I have a friend coming from out of town to be my hospital advocate and help me transition out of there to my home. Then I have another friend who will stay that first weekend after I get home. Am looking to fill the four nights and three days in between, which will be the evening of July 27, days of Jul 28, 29 & 30, and possibly the night of the 30th. Saturday and Sunday (July 31 & Aug. 1) after that are filled, then another friend will come stay the next week. I do trust I will be moving around a bit ore by then. Stay tuned for more it, Melissa