From Greg:
I apologize for the delay in getting this report out. I took Mama to see Dr. Robinson on Tuesday, Jan 12, 2010, for the purpose of doing a general assessment of her health, discussing engaging Hospice from this point on, and discussing her appetite, sleeping, and activity. With hospice, we expect that much of this observation/reporting, and subsequent action will be done by hospice, with or perhaps without, much involvement from Dr. Robinson.

We’ve selected Brightmoor in Griffin to provide the hospice care. Dr. Robinson is to have conversation with them to determine the appropriate diagnosis for her admittance. I am waiting for a return call from the medical director at Brightmoor.

While she is still with Central Home Health care, he has prescribed (1) a hospital bed (2) pressure relief cushion, Megace (for appetite) and Benadryl for sleeping. Unfortunately one of the side effects of megace is sleeplessness. (Jeff reports that this Tuesday Mama slept about 10 hours before he left, and Jeanette reports that she slept a good bit prior to his coming and during the next morning. Benadryl may not be necessary.

Every time we think we have a pattern discerned, she pulls a switch on us.

Dr. Robinson does not see anything else that we have not seen before, nor does he see anything to be surprised or alarmed about. There is no evidence of stroke, not cardiac event, but rather the progression of the dementia. The radiology clinic, understandably, does not want to comment until their results have been reviewed by Dr. Davidson, but they don’t see anything unusual.

Mama has about two more weeks of radiation scheduled, if there are no more snow days, holidays , or days where she just refuses to go. Within a few weeks of that, we should know what the prognosis is for the leg, and possibly for her in general.

Mama apparently had to be peeled off the wall by Jeremy and Jeanette for Mama’s Tuesday treatment.
She has said repeatedly that she does not want to “do this any more”, but of course, aside from the fact that she generally does not want to see a doctor, we don’t know what “this” is. Perhaps we should ask Bill Clinton.

I expect to hear something from Hospice within the next few days. If not, I will follow up.