Good Info from Judi

FROM JUDI 8-17-09
I just wanted to let you know, that I have talked over the years with several people in GA who

have taken care of elderly parents after rehab. They say its as simple as having the doctor

order the Medicare Benefits, (once he releases her) which should cover most everything.

Your doctor is the source for what benefits she can receive from Medicare.

You need to see if your mother had a supplement to Medicare, most people usually get one.

I hear Medicare provides all the medical equipment. a physical therapist, and a nurse to come in

once a day to bathe, feed a meal etc....From what I understand she cannot get Medicaid,

only Medicare, no matter what she does with her assets. Income does not matter.

Now, if she were younger, she would need to get rid of assets to qualify for Medicaid. The only other expense that she

may have, (and her nurse can recommend) is a sitter to come in for a few hours a day

to help with shopping, meals or whatever. Costs about 10.00 per hour, since so many

retirees are looking for work. Just wanted to tell you what I have heard, to save you all

that time. Now...with what Obama is trying to CHANGE, this could all change...but I

understand that is how it works, now, for those entitled to Medicare.

Sorry we have not been more help. Trying to keep up with 2 teenage boys, one works, the other

plays soccer in FL...and an elderly dog, similar to Mia's situation that time at our house.

If I have been misinformed, let me know. That is just what I understand to be the case.

Take Care. Love/Judi