Gettin' Started

In the fall of 2007 I decided to visit a Dr. to have a physical. The physical came back poorly, and my second visit to the Dr. and second blood work revealed my glucose at 180. That along with my A1C lead the doctor to diagnose me with Type II diabetes. In addition, the physical revealed I had high blood pressure, 185/135, and high cholesterol. My weight was 265+.

Needless to say the Dr. put me on drugs for diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure. He first put me on metformin for diabetes that almost literally, within one week, killed me. I stopped taking it. Seems I am allergic or something to it. He then prescribed Actos - I refused to take it due to the reported side affects - in particular congestive heart failure.

For blood pressure he put me on lysinoprol (sp). This resulted in a wonderful chest cough and no control.

So after six months with this doc I decided to make a change. This resulted in me finding a wonderful doctor, an older man, with a common sense approach to things. He was appalled that I had seen this other doctor for six months and no control yet over blood pressure.