December 2010

I am now off of all medication! My glucose numbers are normal. In the process I've lost only 50 pounds -- still wanna loose another 10 or 20.

My blood pressure is still pre-hypertensive, but I believe some more weight lost and diet adjustment will remedy that.

I am told I will always be considered diabetic - once diagnosed always diagnosed. Just a diabetic whose diabetes is managed by diet and exercise.

Do you realize that this approach has saved me thousands of dollars in drug costs, medical supplies, and doctor's visits in the last year! In addition to the thousands of dollars it'll save going forward.

My wife and I continue to modify our diets going more towards a plant based diet all the time. I still eat some meat - only organic and free raised with no hormones, etc. - and pretty much limited to chicken and beef. We're working to eat more fish.

The things that caused my diabetes - eating bad food following the Standard American Diet - is what is healing my diabetes, and curing my high blood pressure and cholesterol - eating food that is good, without hormones, without pesticides, without sugar and doing so in moderation.

I caused my diabetes - it was my responsibility to do something about it and attack the problem, not the symptoms.

Today I have a life long commitment to continue to change my diet making it even more better. And in 2011 I hope to ride two 100 mile rides (100 miles in one day is called a Century) along with about 300-400 mile average per month.

Life is sure better - in all respects - I mean it, in all respects! I had no idea how sick I was till I turned the corner to healing.