Dear Family, Why We Are Here

Dear Family,

Thank you for joining me here on My Bridge 4 Life to create a community of support for Mama. There's power in numbers and information and I think with eight of us, plus wives, children and friends, we can have both numbers and information on our side. My Bridge 4 Life is the only place where we can all physically be in the same space as we go through this journey. It's very important to me that we go through this together. I know that there are those of you who are on the front lines with Mama everyday. There is no reason for you to do it without the strength of all of us. Those of us who are not on the front lines don't want to feel as if we are not contributing to the care of our mother during this very critical time. We want to be there and we can make a contribution.

Here's how My Bridge 4 Life can work for us. We'll each have our own page that we share with each other. We create our profile, then through My Blog and Goals share information about Mama and what's going on with her in her journey dealing with Alzheimer's. Those who are on the front lines can make blog postings that all of us can read to keep up with day to day events. The rest of us can post research and information that we come across that might be relevant to a current situation. We can all know what's needed when. We can upload tips about what we learn for those families that come here after us. And we can look up tips from families who have already been where we are now. We can create a memory album by uploading our favorite family pictures.

This is a really difficult time for all us. I think back to the time that we lost Daddy. We really didn't have a way to share our lost together and I think it hurt us to go through that alone. This is a way for us to be stronger as a family and know that we are all in this together. At the same time, we can make sure that Mama gets the best care and best support possible.

Love to you all.