The day my mother was hospitalized for a surgery with diabetes

My mother has been diagnosed for having diabetes at the age of 30. I was in my college when my mother had to remove her uterus due to a growth found in the uterus which may even be cancerous if not removed. She was admitted to the hospital and to our dismay when she has had her regular check up she had high blood sugar due to which the surgery was postponed. The doctor was startled to find that my mother's blood sugar had risen very high and still she didn't even feel any uneasiness.

She was given a lot of medicines and since we live in a nuclear family and live far from our relatives I and my father had to look after every thing. My father had to go to office hence I took leave from college to looked after my mother. The doctor had given my mother many medicines and injections to lower the blood sugar level it took almost three weeks for her sugar level to normalize after all the medication and finally the surgery was performed. I stayed with my mother day and night for three weeks in the hospital and finally was relieved when the surgery was performed successfully by lowering the sugar level. The site has helped me by providing the necessary information’s on diabetes and blood sugar levels.