Cancer Cells Found

There has been a lot of conflicting information about the pain and swelling on Mom's right leg. But we do have some news today:

Although Dr Davidson had not received a full, written, complete pathology report when we saw him, he had gotten a verbal from the lab confirming malignant cancer cells. He suspects that they had been present for more than a few months, possibly yrs. He thinks the hematoma was probably caused by the tumor. He initially discussed some options & listened carefully to what we said about Mama & her agitation & dementia. From what we said(Jeanette & I) & his own observations, he decided that maybe if Mama were put in the hospital, he could get everything done. CT of her chest to see if the cancer has spread, MRI of her tumor to see just how much is tumor & how much is hematoma, bedsores taken care of, physical therapy started & chest x-rays if needed.
If the cancer has not spread, he, at this point, would first choose 5 days of radiation for 4 or 5 weeks then aggressive surgery to remove all the tumor & infected areas. Chances of a recurrence of cancer in the same spot is high. He will keep an open mind until the full biopsy report on Monday & the results of the CT scan & MRI. All this will happen next week. She will report in at Piedmont around 10AM on Monday & probably will not be released until Fri or so.
Meanwhile, he has prescribed Percocet for pain & stay on the patch, as much activity for the right leg as possible & heat to help the body absorb the hematoma

I'm scheduled to visit next week and I think I'll probably go and stay at the hospital most of the time. I'll discuss with Mike to see what he thinks.