Blocks to Bliss

When I think of fear and how insidiously it penetrates the human mind field, I can't help but think of those tazer guns cops use. The voltage coming out of those dinky little weapons actually contain enough power to knock someone flat out and unconscious. Or worse, can make someone spasm more uncontrollably than a wet fish just abandoned by the sea.

Fear causes a very similar reaction in the body. Think of the lion and tinman upon their first encounter with the Oz. You'd think they just got tazed, but they didn't. Fear caused them to shake like that. But whether one is laying flat out and tazed on the floor or involuntarily convulsing in fear, the outcome is the same: constructive action is no longer possible.

Fear even comes on like a tazer. It shows up unexpectedly, usually for no good reason, and takes you out while all you were trying to do was get from point A to point B. Now what causes this to happen? When the mind of fear is confronted, it will stubbornly defend itself using righteous, stealth-like justifications. Its intention: to stay put and hold its position. Only with the intelligent mind of conscious reason and compassionate redirection can it be overcome. As the current of fear becomes acknowledged and addressed, the process of its elimination can begin. Or, can at least be deactivated enough to allow the feeling of bliss its proper channel and flow. For the electrical penetration of one moment's bliss passing through the body's terrain provides enough courage to confront and remind the psyche's inner phantoms that non-movement is not safer and dull is not better than nothing at all. We need bliss to experience our happiness, creativity, and life force, but we also need its strength to penetrate the dark, dingy caverns within where fear contently festers and forces us to accompany its illusions.

The biggest challenge to overcoming fear however, is identifying it. Fear often manifests as everything but itself. Its symptoms run rampant and are often 'felt' and even treated, but rarely is the root cause accurately diagnosed. This invisible force usually shows up under the guise of excuses, sickness, bitterness and busyness, all electrical magnetic detours to maintain staunch detachment from the heart's true desire.

Dissolving such a seductive force is possible, but it requires the ability to recognize its many masks. To redirect or transform this debilitating force field, it must first be identified and located within the psyche. Then reasoned with, confronted, understood, and reeducated. For fear is loyal and will act according to its belief. It is the guard at the gate keeping its master 'safe'. And will do so at all costs. Fear doesn't care that it's withholding one's inherent potential, joy, or creative self-expression. At the risk of feeling shamed, rejected, or deterred, again, it will fight to protect what good is left. It will and often does obstruct anything that resembles the terrifying threat of expansion. But with the electrical force of an atomic velocity that contradicts life itself.

It is a lifetime of volleying back and forth from reality to illusion, illusion to reality, until one day the mind simply says no to anything that is not real. Then fear will have no other choice but to leave, and bliss will be allowed to exist in its natural habitat.