BED TALK Continues

From Greg on Jan 24:
The adjustable bed is in the living room, as most of you know, and has met with some success. She has slept in it during the day and night, sometimes for long periods of time. Sometimes for short periods of time as well, but she has not rejected it. I’ve put on music in the LR while she has been in bed there, and slept on the couch beside the bed. I have sometimes had to insist that she stay in the bed. Others have had mixed results. Do we know enough to draw useful conclusions?

There may occasionally be a privacy issue. Curtains or drapes may be a good idea. I think I’ve got rods of various types in the container.

Monday I will be contacting hospice and Drs Robinson and Davidson. I will try to address all the concerns that have been voiced.

We need to have in place where everyone can find it the Durable Power of Attorney (which contains the Do Not Resuscitate directive), and we need to all be on the same page as far as that is concerned.

It has also been brought up that we need to just get together for a social, like the monthly socials we used to have. I know that has come up in several conversations between me and someone else.

Brightmoor (hospice) can meet with us this week to do an in home assessment, handle the transition, sign legal papers, etc. Any family members may come, but someone legally authorized to sign for her must be there. They would like caregivers and family members who will be with Mama a lot to be there (I don’t think they understand how many there are.) I would like Jeremy and Jeanette to be there also.

They can handle the DNR paperwork with us, and if Mama is unresponsive, we do not call 911. We call Brightmoor.

We will need to notify Central Home Health Care that their services will no longer be required. I suggest that we move on this quickly, so please respond with alacrity.