Back Home

Back home after two weeks of travel. We did really really well while traveling. Only a couple moments when we ignored our diet in preference to the folks we were enjoying our visits with. Now home and back on track!

Yesterday I took advantage of the great weather and commuted to the mission office on my bike, and back home. Going home traveling head-on into 25mph winds. Wind makes a great training partner building strength and skill.

This morning, because of rain in the day, I re-joined with my 6am spinning class. What a great class! Intense hill intervals. Felt really really good to get back-in-the-saddle.

Next Friday is check-in day. Meet w/ my Dr. for followup. Will be big day for blood draws as we check everything - literally. Excited to get my numbers back so I can see where I am and where I need to go.

Our health insurance is now accounting for 54% of our annual income so we are on the hunt for new insurance. It's very important that I get good numbers from my Dr. visit so I can rule out diabetes, high blood pressure, and bad cholestorol in the quest. Continuing on regimen of no medication! Additionally August will be my 3 year all clear date for my previous cancer hit. Good things are happening. Diet, exercise and a positive attitude are the paying off big dividends!